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Type: Machines
Skill: Skills.png3Survival
Slots: 5
Cycle: 7 sec
Required: Item01.png3Stones

Icon Bonus Stamina.gif1Stamina

Campfires are one of the first machines that can be constructed. They will cook some basic food types (meat, eggs, mushrooms).

A campfire is a general purpose 5-slot container, but before you can click on the "Set fire" button to start the cooking cycle, at least one slot must contain enough fuel for the fire. A campfire cooks up to 4 items every 7 seconds as long as there is enough fuel available. You can stop a cooking cycle by clicking on the "Extinguish" button. The most efficient way to cook a stack of items is to put the fuel in 1 slot and evenly divide the item to be cooked between 3 slots with the last slot reserved for the cooked food. You could also place 2 stacks of items to cook with 2 slots reserved for the cooked food. Finally, you can fill it with 4 single items at once because they will disappear before the cooked food appears.

Fuel types used each cycle: Item02.png1coal, Item01.png1charcoal, Item02.png2poles, Item01.png5cuttings , Item01.png5slivers , Item02.png10branches.

The burning campfire also provides Bonus01.pngwarmth that provides healing over time.

Note: When a campfire is created, the Item01.png3cuttings are placed inside it.

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