Wild Terra Wiki
Mob Hare.png
Aggressive: No
Possible loot: Item02.pngHare meat
Item01.pngRaw hides
Item01.pngHare's head

Hares are Animals found in the wild. They are peaceful, always retreat when approached and don't retaliate when attacked, so a ranged attack is needed to kill them unless they can be cornered in a restricted space.

After killing a Hare, it's corpse can be skinned with a Bonus01.pngknife to get loot.

A Hare can also be captured with a Item03.pngSmall game trap and then tamed by feeding it Item01.png3carrot to become a Item03.pngTamed hare. It may take multiple feedings to tame it.

Animal taming[]

Animal taming level Category Hability Snare Trap Feed Cooldown
3-8 Pet Follow the player Item03.pngsmall game trap 3 Item01.pngcarrot 30 minutes